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Oasis Global School - CBSE Affiliation No. 531830 , Oasis Global School - Affiliated to Hindustan Scouts & Guides (National) , Best CBSE Residential School , 3 Mile stone , Dadri Road Loharu , Haryana, INDIA
About OASIS Global School , Loharu
“We believe that education should be for life & not for living.”
Our aim is to provide a better education to the children & we believe in all around development rather than just being good academically.
Our aim is to focus on character development, in addition to academic excellence, inculcating the virtues of adherence to truth & discipline, dedication to duty & devotion to the supreme.
The school has a nurturing climate based on the twin foundations of love & discipline
We try to place the students on the pathway of self-confidence, self-satisfaction, self-sacrifice & then self-realization.

President & CEO Oasis Group Of Institution
"Education has to open the doors of the mind”

On behalf of all of us at Oasis Global School I am delighted to welcome you to what will clearly be an exciting, meaningful and blessed journey in the lives of your children. We believe there can be no higher calling than to deliver an outstanding education for your child and we have an excellent faculty and staff who are committed to that very purpose.

The exposure that we provide, the knowledge that we impart and the curriculum that we focus on prepares young minds to develop an in-depth understanding of fundamental skills in the arts and sciences, current world events, intercultural dialogue and fluency in the new technologies, thereby preparing students for the global challenges of the present and the future.

We value and treasure the uniqueness each child brings to the classroom. The very diverse cultural backgrounds and learning styles of our student community makes OGS an ideal setting for positive and healthy learning.

Director Oasis Global School
Dear Parents,
Greetings from Oasis Global School

I wish the entire OGS community a very warm welcome to the new academic year 2021-22 at Oasis Global School.

As we step into this new school year, I am very optimistic that this will be a time of new and novel learning - a season of new beginnings and a time of hope amidst a sea of change!

The ability to adapt to change and uncertainty, to adjust to a fast paced, globalised world, cultural guidance, sensitivity and mentoring, whilst building competent skill sets in our students to stay ahead of the curve are essential learnings in education today. In addition to knowledge acquisition and performance, character building, leadership and life skills are imperative. Holistic education enables a child to develop and grow beyond classroom learning.


If you are a boarder at OASIS Global School, you can enjoy the benefits of zero travel-time! But that’s not all!

While all our day-students enjoy the infrastructure and beauty of the OASIS Global School campus from Monday-Friday, it is the boarders who call this safe, serene and beautiful place their home.

So come, live with us and be part of the incredible experience of living on campus at OASIS Global School!


We offer young and aspiring students academic engagement with international standards. The enriching IB and IGCSE curricula stimulate academic freedom and practical study. Thoughtfully scheduled classes and close mentorship by the faculty nurtures an academically vibrant community at OASIS Global School.


Equipping children to thrive as global citizens in the 21st century, we offer an integrated activities program that develops their skills and knowledge, reinforces positive attitudes and provides a platform for them to discover their ability in areas of special interest.


Each sporting arena provides an opportunity to build character, develop leadership qualities, experience team-work, forge friendships and understand true sportsmanship. Fitness, integrated into the daily curriculum, is an integral part of the holistic education on which OASIS Global School prides itself.


Uncompromising in our approach to Medicare, Safety & Security, we have high-end medical and security infrastructure in place, specialist resources and regular emergency drills.

Why You Need the Best International School in India for Your Child

Schools have a major part to play in the overall development of a child. But as the number of schools in every state increases almost every day, you ought to find only the best for your child. CBSE schools in NCR may be aplenty, but there’s none with the distinct standing of OASIS Global School. Counted among the top CBSE schools in Delhi NCR because OASIS Global School lay the foundation of a noble character of moral integrity, brotherhood, patriotism and sacrifice in the young minds so that they grow straight and strong as ideal leaders who can shape the destiny of the nation.

What makes OASIS Global School stand out from most CBSE schools in Delhi NCR is the fact that we offer your child a varied and diverse environment to grow in. We follow a child- centric approach where the teachers gauge what each child is good at and where their natural inclinations lie. After that, they work towards creating the foundation to help the children build a successful career, which is what makes us the top global school in India.

The Best Schools for Expats in NCR

Whether you are an expat or an NRI looking for the best schools in Delhi NCR, OASIS Global School is your answer. Offering a very safe, welcoming, and conducive environment for children of all backgrounds, we encourage our students to imbibe the best of all cultures, transforming them into leaders of tomorrow. Following international standards for education, OASIS Global School is definitely the best international high school in the country. With a holistic approach towards educating the students, the school ensures that every child is able to reach the pinnacle of success in their own choice of fields, whether they are inclined more towards the academic side of education or towards the co-curricular.

Best CBSE Residential Schools in Delhi-NCR

OASIS Global School is counted as the best CBSE Residential school in Delhi-NCR, and we leave no stone unturned towards ensuring the same. From medical care facilities to sports to co-curricular and extra activities, OASIS Global School makes sure that its students have access to the best facilities, to make it comfortable for them to reside within the premises, and help them invest their energies towards the main objective at hand.